Peking Opera Blues

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Peking Opera Blues

Arrival: 24/06/2003
Type/: Action , Drama , Asian , ˹ѧչ : Chinese Movies
10601Թԧ: Brigitte Lin
(ҺǴ (кطѡ) Ҥ 2, 8 ෾ѧÿ, Dream Lovers (Hong Kong), ෾طͷͧ, ǻ 2, ashes of time, Police Story, Other Side Of Gentleman, പ - Handsome Siblings, All The Wrong Spies, Black Panther Warriors, East is Red, ҧҼ, ٫ѹ෾طȨ, Police Story Trilogy - ѴҤ, ѹᴧ - Dream of the Red Chamber)
12111˧ Cherie Chung (Cho Hung)
(ѤӾͧͧš, Hongkong, Ѵ Wild Search, ӴռѴ, ѡշ, Թè - Descendant Of The Sun)
12112Sally Yeh (Yip Sin-Man)
12013Wu Ma
( , ӴռѴ, Һǧ͡ - Trail Of The Broken Blade, ˴شá, ҹ͹ѡõչ, ź, 5 ѤѴشš - House Of Fury)
10396 :Tsui Hark
(Legend of Zu, All The Wrong Spies, Dragon From Russia, Black Mask 2, Time And Tide, Zu Warriors From The Magic Moutain, ǧ˧ (Box-set) - Once Upon A Time In China Trilogy, - Yes, Madam)
Studio: United, 1986
Distributor: United
Length: 2:10
Video: Widescreen
Audio: Thai : DTS 5.1
Thai : Dolby Digital 5.1
Special Features/´: Interactive Menu
Scene Access
Price: Baht 49.00

Preview & Synopsis

Great action-drama in this under-rated film. The rooftop sequence is incredible.

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ѡ ˴ Ҥ ˭ԧ ش

---дɰ, , 31/12/2002 ---

Һ ˹ѧͧԢԷͧ㴤Ѻ º͡ǡѹ˹ 繢ͧ 礧ͧͧ˹ФѺ кúѹ֡§ѧ֧ §ҡѧ͡ѧѴ ͹ѴԹ㨫͢ͷҺѡԴѺ

---Ԧҵ, , 25/06/2003 ---

United Ѻ

---ҹҡ, , 25/06/2003 ---


  ---mo,, 13/05/2006 ---

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